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The Immunization Assistance Program provides:

  • Information about immunizations and immunization services available to children and adults;
  • Provides consultation services to parents, community-based organizations, medical providers, daycare providers, and schools regarding immunizations and applicable immunization laws;
  • Conducts flu clinics each fall for at-risk populations


Children ages birth (0) through eighteen (18) years may qualify for low cost immunizations if they qualify under one (1) of the following categories:

  • Have no health insurance;
  • Have health insurance not covering immunizations;
  • Be eligible for Medi-Cal, Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP), Gateway; and/or
  • An Alaskan native or American Indian

For others who do not fall into the categories listed above or those seeking travel immunizations can call us for a referral to private immunization providers for service.

Immunization Schedules

“Immunizations are required for school entry. A new law passed in 2016 eliminates the Personal Belief Exemption. Only a Medical Exemption provided by an MD or DO can exempt your child from the California vaccine requirements.”
Exemption information
Laws related to immunizations