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Maintenance & Transportation

  1. CCS-eligible children and their families are eligible for assistance with travel expenses to CCS authorized medical care when the family is determined to need assistance, there are no other available resources, and the assistance is determined to be an essential part of the diagnostic or medical treatment plan. CCS authorizes travel assistance when the cost to the family presents a barrier to the client’s access to CCS medical care.
  2. The intent of M and T assistance is to get the client to medical appointments at an outpatient provider or hospital for admission, testing or other procedures. It is not intended to sustain a family at a hospital for the client’s entire hospital stay or pay for frequent trips to visit the client in the hospital.
  3. CCS client families must request the travel assistance in advance. In a medical emergency the request can be made on the first business day after the travel.

Apply for Assistance

To apply for M&T assistance, please complete the Parent Agreement for CCS Reimbursement for Transportation, Meals and Lodging through the link below and send it to (or drop it off at):

Public Health/CCS
922 Bevins Ct.
Lakeport, CA 95453

CCS Reimbursement for Transportation, Meals and Lodging
CCS Reimbursement for Transportation, Meals and Lodging (sp)

Claim Forms

CCS M&T Parent-Caregiver-Client Claim Form
Formulario de reclamo de Mantenimiento y Transporte (M & T)
CCS M&T Provider-Inpatient Claim Form

Additional Resources

M&T Brochure (en)
The Spanish version of the M&T Brochure is pending publication.
2018 Rates
2018 Tasas de Mantenimiento y Transporte