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California Childrens Services

California Children’s Services (CCS) is California’s medical program for treating children with physically handicapping conditions. The program was started in 1927 and has gradually been expanded to cover most serious, life-threatening, disabling or potentially disabling conditions. This Federal, State and County supported program provides specialized medical care and rehabilitation services for eligible children whose families cannot afford all or part of the care.


Persons under 21 years of age who are residents of Lake County, have a qualifying medical condition and whose family annual income is under $40,000 (State Adjusted Gross Income) are eligible. California residents receive CCS benefits in their county of residence. Families with annual income above $40,000 may be eligible if the client’s medical expenses are expected to exceed 20% of their adjusted gross income.


Anyone can refer a child to CCS, including but not limited to: the child’s family, physician, nurse, hospital or medical specialist. Referral to CCS can be made by calling Lake County Health Services (263-5806 or 800-794-9291). Public Health staff can answer your general questions about medical eligibility. Actual medical eligibility determinations are determined by the CCS Dependent County Operations Section in Sacramento after CCS obtains medical records.

Children with Medi-Cal and an eligible CCS medical condition are usually eligible for CCS case management and other services not covered by Medi-Cal only. Children covered by private health insurance may also be eligible for CCS services. Some families may be required to pay a small fee, based on their income.

CCS eligibility must be determined and services authorized before care can be covered by CCS, except in some emergencies. 

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